The Big Picture

The Book of Ruth is the narrative of God’s redemption plan played out through the story of Boaz and Ruth. The story of the Bible should always be understood from the perspective of the Hebrew people. We need to understand the culture, traditions and customs of the stories of the Bible.  Ruth, being a widowContinue reading “The Big Picture”

Immanuel, Our Confidence

I went into a writing hiatus due to a circumstance my sibling was facing. I was greatly affected by it ’cause he is thousands of miles away from me, and his wife is going through a health condition. If you have read my blog posting entitled “Regarding Wilmer,” he was the one who offered andContinue reading “Immanuel, Our Confidence”

“Regarding Wilmer”

This blogpost was taken mostly from an article written by Stanley Tiu, who interviewed me about my conversion to Christianity. He narrated the interview for publication at Grace Monthly, a monthly journal for Grace Gospel Church, dated January 2001. I have made a few changes mostly to conceal personal information or names of other people.Continue reading ““Regarding Wilmer””

Small Details May Say A Lot (the True Sabbath Rest)

Like I said in my previous blog post, the theme of the Sabbath is the centerpiece of John 5. Ten times Sabbath was mentioned in John’s Gospel, four times in John 5. It should not be a surprise now that we know that the story of John 5 occurred during the Jewish Fall Harvest FestivalContinue reading “Small Details May Say A Lot (the True Sabbath Rest)”

Small Details May Say A Lot (Signs, and the Sabbath)

Introduction to John 5 (Continuation of “Small Details May Say A Lot) A quick reading of John 5 might mislead many into thinking, “Oh well, it’s another miracle story of Jesus Christ, this time about a man invalid for 38 years.” I recall many years ago, each time I studied the Scripture in preparation forContinue reading “Small Details May Say A Lot (Signs, and the Sabbath)”

Small Details May Say A Lot

Even after posting three blogs on John 9, there is still room for a few insights, particularly on the two interesting remarks of Jesus Christ. First, in John 9:4, “We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.” What doesContinue reading “Small Details May Say A Lot”

Spiritual Blindness: Conclusion

A study on John 9 In my last blog posting, I said, “The healed blind man did not only experience restored eyesight, but more importantly recovery from spiritual blindness.” Interestingly, John 1 also hinted on the idea of spiritual blindness. See John 1:10-11: He [Jesus] was in the world, and the world was made throughContinue reading “Spiritual Blindness: Conclusion”

Spiritual Blindness: Continuation

A study on John 9 The central characters within John 9 involve Jesus Christ, the man born blind and the Pharisees or the Jewish Religious Leaders. The story began with Jesus and His disciples leaving the Temple area (8:59). He then passed by the man born blind (9:1). The disciples, seeing the blind man, thenContinue reading “Spiritual Blindness: Continuation”

Spiritual Blindness: Introduction

A study on John 9 This Sunday, for our house gathering, we did a study on the Gospel of John, a disciple of Jesus Christ, specifically chapter 9 of the said gospel.  The story of the man born blind appeared only in the Gospel of John. Following the flow of narrative presented by John, JesusContinue reading “Spiritual Blindness: Introduction”