Death Is Not the End

One undeniable truth about life is that our physical existence has an end. Nobody should be surprised by it. It’s a known fact since the beginning of humanity. Perhaps we may say medical science has progress so much that the years of life have been prolonged. But I rather believe that medical science has helpedContinue reading “Death Is Not the End”

The Unchanging God

Last week we studied Jonah, this morning it’s Nahum. Both books spoke of events about Nineveh – the capital city of the Assyrian Empire. In Jonah, God relented from His judgment because Nineveh turned to the LORD for forgiveness. In Nahum, God reinforced His judgment against Nineveh because Assyria wanted to wage war against JudahContinue reading “The Unchanging God”

Psalms 34 & 35, the Messianic Psalm of Jesus Christ

John chapters 13-17 covers the story of Jesus Christ with His disciples. The story begins with Jesus and His disciples taking the Passover Meal, so it’s the 14th of Nissan – the beginning of the Jewish Spring Festival. The Jewish day begins at sundown (6pm) to sundown (6pm) – the following day to us. ItContinue reading “Psalms 34 & 35, the Messianic Psalm of Jesus Christ”

The Son of Man, Our Redeemer

In my last blog “Jesus Christ, Our Righteousness” I explained that David was not simply trusting God’s immediate deliverance but rather a future vindication based not on his own but the righteousness of Christ Jesus; see Psalms 35:23-24. Awake and rouse Yourself for my vindication, for my cause, my God and my Lord! Vindicate meContinue reading “The Son of Man, Our Redeemer”

Jesus Christ, Our Righteousness

Psalms 34 and 35 must be recognized as a unit, both were of David. Both psalms were written after David had fled from Saul and his humiliating encounter with Achish the king of Gath. Explanation for the background of both psalms may be found on my previous blog entitled “Immanuel, Our Confidence,” and this isContinue reading “Jesus Christ, Our Righteousness”

The Big Picture

The Book of Ruth is the narrative of God’s redemption plan played out through the story of Boaz and Ruth. The story of the Bible should always be understood from the perspective of the Hebrew people. We need to understand the culture, traditions and customs of the stories of the Bible.  Ruth, being a widowContinue reading “The Big Picture”

Immanuel, Our Confidence

I went into a writing hiatus due to a circumstance my sibling was facing. I was greatly affected by it ’cause he is thousands of miles away from me, and his wife is going through a health condition. If you have read my blog posting entitled “Regarding Wilmer,” he was the one who offered andContinue reading “Immanuel, Our Confidence”

“Regarding Wilmer”

This blogpost was taken mostly from an article written by Stanley Tiu, who interviewed me about my conversion to Christianity. He narrated the interview for publication at Grace Monthly, a monthly journal for Grace Gospel Church, dated January 2001. I have made a few changes mostly to conceal personal information or names of other people.Continue reading ““Regarding Wilmer””

Small Details May Say A Lot (the True Sabbath Rest)

Like I said in my previous blog post, the theme of the Sabbath is the centerpiece of John 5. Ten times Sabbath was mentioned in John’s Gospel, four times in John 5. It should not be a surprise now that we know that the story of John 5 occurred during the Jewish Fall Harvest FestivalContinue reading “Small Details May Say A Lot (the True Sabbath Rest)”