Paul’s Martyrdom in Rome? (conclusion)

For background, you may want to read my previous blog “Paul’s Martyrdom in Rome?” Here is a summary of Paul’s travel to Jerusalem after his 3rd Missionary Journey: Paul met church elders from Ephesus at Miletus because he wanted to sail past Ephesus for he was hastening to be at Jerusalem for the Pentecost (ActsContinue reading “Paul’s Martyrdom in Rome? (conclusion)”

Paul’s Martyrdom in Rome?

According to Britannica.Com, the Tradition of Peter in Rome has no valid proofs except that of tradition claimed by early church fathers, see excerpt below: The strongest evidence to support the thesis that Peter was martyred in Rome is to be found in the Letter to the Corinthians (c. 96 CE; 5:1–6:4) of St. Clement of Rome. Peter, who by reasonContinue reading “Paul’s Martyrdom in Rome?”